Such a handy bag to keep all my hooks, scissors, tape measure & any other goodies I want to take with me. I can even use it as an every day tote bag when not crocheting.


The game has been CHANGED with the creation of this bag. I have used mine every day since I received it. It fits so much stuff! I love how intentionally it has been designed for the crocheter/knitter. The quality of the materials and construction is also fantastic - not to mention it’s gorgeous and so trendy. The flexibility of the pouch and hook storage is so clever and deliberate. I have used it for my handbag bits and a range of projects from small to big! The removable pouch is genius! I’ve taken it out and just used it on its own many times. Being able to remove the hook storage is also wonderful and the tie in comes with to roll it up is so handy! I carry a LOT as well as my current project and I don’t have to worry about what bag or bags to take anymore!! I have received loads of compliments and showed it to friends/family who aren’t even crocheters who want to buy one! 100% recommend to anyone who loves a perfect bag. I want to get one in black now too!


Absolutely love my maykr bag! I take it everywhere with me! Thankyou!! 😃


Australians rejoice! Maykr has answered our prayers and designed a dream crochet tote that's easily accessible to us! There's so many innovations in this bag, it's AMAZING value for money. Detachable smaller clutch with shoulder strap, crochet roll that attaches to the inside of the bag! And it's so beautiful it's a perfect everyday bag with the bonus of sneaky crochet on the go!


Everything you need in a bag when you're a mama maker!! Love the buttery soft vegan leather, all the compartments & the yarn guide is so handy too! Highly recommended!!


I'm so pleased I bought this bag, the vegan leather is luxurious, buttery and soft, and the inside is suede like. It's deceivingly roomy also! So happy I bought it.

Allison Fasken